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Why Sisu Runner?


Designed Product

Sisu is a multi-purpose towel.

It is made out of premium material, microfiber suede (100% Polyester).

The size of the runner is 71” x 26” (180cm x 66cm).



For Yoga or Pilates:

You don’t need to bring your yoga mat everywhere, just bring the sisu runner as a slip-resistant layer between you and your mat.

Best used when its wet for optimum usage during your hot sweaty practice (hot yoga and hot pilates)

Works great for all types of yoga including vinyasa and power yoga

Reversible: Pattern or Plain- depending on your mood of the day.



For Decoration:

Add Rubber stopper and you can make it as a decorative runner.

It can also be used as wall tapestry




  • Wash with like colours
  • Machine wash cold
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean


To Use: To enhance the slip-resistant qualities of the fabric, spray with water to dampen before each additional use.

To Wash: We recommend to wash with like colors before first use. Machine wash on cold with like colors. Hang to dry (recommended) or tumble dry on low setting.


You don’t have to wash the towel all the time, but I depends on what class you practice, and how much you sweat. We recommend to only just hand to dry if you are not that sweaty!


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